Ball type

Briflon® FEP/PFA lined Ball type Control Valves are generally made from Cast Ductile Iron with lining. It is a full port, Two PC Design, Bolted Body Construction with Integral Ball Stem Unit, Replaceable Seat, Bubble Tight Shut off, Glandless Design, Maintenance Free, Full Flow Efficient, Pneumatically / Electrically Operated , On-OFF or Throttling type Ball Control Valve, Confirming to mfg. std. of BS 5153 and testing std. of BS 6755 part 1


  • Cross-Section Drawing
  • Features & Benefits
  • Lining Specification
  • Standard Followed
  • Optional Accessories
  • Advantage
  • Applications
  • Low torque operation
  • Live loaded disc spring providing constant uniform packing pressure
  • Unpigmented FEP/PFA lining tested at 20,000 V for defects is made from highly corrosion resistance FEP (150°C) or PFA (200°C)
  • Cast ductile iron body with corrosion resistant PU paint
  • Easily Replaceable Seat
  • Fully locked in, unpigmented FEP/PFA uniform lining throughout body and face area helps prevent blowout or collapse of the liner under full vacuum/high pressure
  • Standard Port Design

Liner Locking

The lining is securely locked into the deep machined groove slot into the body & holes in casting ball under melting processible of FEP or PFA. This prevents liner to collapse or blow out under full vacuum/high pressure applications & high temperature.

Integral Ball & Stem

Encapsulated one PC design ball & stem. Rupture-proof ball & stem joint. Ensure trouble free frequent operations.

Two PC Design Body

Two PC design bolted body construction with stainless steel fasteners, minimize the joint leakages.

Low Torque Operation

The contact area (sealing area) of ball with seat is very less, thus operating torque is much lower than the plug valve. Lever is compactly designed to operate the valve with very low torque. The valve above 4" size are offered with worm gear box actuation for smooth operation.

Standard Design

Briflon® Fully Lined Ball Valve are designed in accordance with flange dimension of ANSI B16.5 & face to face dimension of ANSI B16.10 permits these valves to replace with any standard ball valves without altering existing piping.

  • Manufacturing: BS 5351
  • Testing: API 598
  • Flange dimensions: ANSI B16.5
  • Face to Face: ANSI B16.10